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Beach volleyball Valencia

We are a Beach Volleyball Club located at the beautiful beach of Valencia.

No matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, advanced, or pro player, we offer great lessons for anyone who wants to take their beach volleyball game to the next level!

Our trainings are designed to improve your game, but they are also a lot of fun and a great opportunity to make new friends at the beach.

Want to improve your beach volleyball skills? Become a member and join our weekly classes, book private training(s) or join one of our beach volleyball camps!


Beach Camps

Join our beach camps to enjoy one week of beach volleyball in beautiful Valencia.

Join one of our scheduled camps or create a unique experience together with us.

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Weekly Classes

Join our weekly beginner, intermediate, advanced, or pro level classes in Valencia.

In a group of 4 to 12 people of the same skill level you train, improve and have fun!

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Private Training

Schedule private training(s) if you want to work one-on-one on your beach volleyball skills.

Together we’ll work on specific skills or improve your all round game. It’s up to you!

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Who are we?

Tovar Beach Volley Club is a beach volleyball club in Valencia, founded by Hernan Tovar.

Hernan Tovar is a top level, pro beach volleyball player. Together with his partner he is qualifying to join the Olympics in Tokyo.

Hernan is passionate about beach volleyball, he loves to train players from all levels and helping them improve their game. Training with Hernan is intensive, fun and challenging.

All trainings are given in Spanish, but with our international group of students there is always someone to translate into English.


What our students say about training with us!

Silvia (advanced)

I am very grateful to train with Hernan Tovar. With an exceptional trainer of his level, everything flows 100%. In his training’s, he incorporates technique and good vibes.

Nico (technification)

I like to train with Hernán because it improves my techincal skills and my mindset as a player a lot.

Hernán (advanced)

Hernán Tovar is a great person and a great professional. He takes his work very seriously and strives every day to improve himself to help his students become better players.

Matthijs (advanced)

I love training with Hernán. He is a top level player, trainer and coach, but above all a great person. Training with him has taken my beach volleybal game to the next level!

Blai (technification)

I like training with Hernán because of the intensity he demands at all times, in each action, at every touch of the ball. It has helped me a lot. He knows what level you are and can help you go to where you want to be.

Rafa (technification)

I’ve only been training with Hernán for a year and a half, but when you work hard and with enthusiasm you see results fast. His perseverance and demanding mentality in every training are essential. The trainings have been professionalized now it has become a professional club.

Beach Volleyball Camps

Our Beach Volleyball Camps are the perfect opportunity to enjoy a week of high level beach volleyball training in beautiful Valencia.

We organize multiple Beach Volley Camps through the year. During these camps you’ll train twice a day. During these trainings all aspect of your beach volleyball game will be worked at.

In between trainings you’ll enjoy a healthy mediterranean lunch, in the evenings there are plenty of opportunity’s to have fun and grab a drink.

You can join one of our organized beach volleyball camps with your friend(s). But you can also contact us to design a beach camp for you and your friends or team mates, based on your wishes!


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